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Science of Stretching for Flexibility - Unlock your bodies full potential 

If you have stiff hamstrings, tight hips, or a locked-up spine,  the Science of Stretching program can effectively and systematically create more space in your body.

The Science of Stretching is a targeted mobility training method that works to open up your body.

No experience required, super stiff people are always welcome. I take a very simple, science-based approach that is effective for everyone.


What Are The Benefits:

- Relieve back, neck and shoulder pain

- Learn to move like a younger version of yourself

- Protect and care for your joints

- Build long, strong supporting tissues

- Enjoy the sports and activities you love

- Feel the youthful freedom of a flexible body

- Learn to palm the floor in a forward bend

- Squat bum to heels without discomfort

- Interlace your hands behind your back with straight arms

- Sit school-style with your knees on the floor

This program is for students of all levels, including complete beginners and students with injuries. Our goal is to re-establish a basic range of motion (ROM), not to learn contortion or pretzel poses. The benefits of a long, limber body go way beyond yoga poses: flexibility improves posture, reduces pain, reduces the chances of injury, and allows you to move like a younger version of yourself.

This is a very deliberate practice to achieve more flexibility. Positions are held up to 5 minutes with passive stretching positions.


What Yoga For Flexibility Program Is and Is Not

  • 100% focus on mobility
  • Low deliberate, and uncomfortable
  • More challenging mentally than physically
  • Targeted mobility training
  • No energy medicine, meridians or chakras
  • Not a meditation class
  • Not physiotherapy or rehab
  • Not a restorative class


Contraindications for Practice

X No pain killers before class

X Not for pregnant women

X Not before heavy cardio or weight lifting (2-3 hour window)

X Proceed with caution if you have hyper mobility such as Eshlers-Danlos Syndrome

Be sure to check with your doctor if you have any of the following:

1. Hip replacement

2. Severe Scoliosis

3. Surgeries

4. Any illness or disease

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