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Sacred Ceremonies - Connecting with nature, self and spirit

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

At The Living You, we believe in the power of ancient rituals to nourish the soul and connect us with the wisdom of nature. Our cacao ceremony is an opportunity to take a moment to pause, reflect, celebrate, contemplate, and bring light to the moments we often take for granted.

Karin has a retreat home in Belize, Central America where she lives part-time. For the past 3 years she has immersed herself in the Mayan culture who have practiced these ceremonies for centuries as a way to honor the spirit of cacao, Mother Earth and their ancestors. 

Today we see cacao ceremonies coming into our modern societies reflecting our need to invite in more connection, purpose, celebration, and gratitude into our modern lives.

These modern cacao ceremonies are not religious but have a deep connection to spirituality, although one does not need to label themselves as spiritual in order to partake in the experience. It is at its essence a way to return to the simplicity of life, honoring what’s important to the individual and the collective. 

For our Weremonies we choose ceremonial grade cacao from small Belizean farms that has been ethically and sustainably sourced. This means that the cacao is grown in conditions that honors the cultural heritage,  supports it's preservation and helps their community grow and thrive. 


Why Attend a Cacao Ceremony?

Moon Ceremonies

What is a Moon Ceremony?

A moon ceremony is a ritual or gathering that typically takes place during a specific phase of the moon, such as the full moon or new moon. Our ceremonies may vary widely but they often involve meditation, reflection, intention-setting and connection with nature. Moon ceremonies can be combined with a sound bath and/or breath-work experience. 

Our Moon Experiences:

1. New Moon Rituals:  Begin anew with our New Moon ceremonies, where we harness the energy of fresh beginnings and plant the seeds of intention for the lunar cycle ahead. Our guided rituals provide a space for introspection, goal setting, and manifestation.

2. Full Moon Celebrations: Illuminate your path under the radiant glow of the Full Moon. Join us in celebrating the peak of lunar energy with ceremonies designed to release what no longer serves you, amplify your intentions, and bask in the abundance of the universe.

Our ceremonies are open to anyone who feels called to participate. Whether you're a seasoned spiritual seeker or new to the world of holistic healing, you'll find a warm and welcoming community here. Our ceremonies are inclusive and non-denominational, welcoming people of all backgrounds and beliefs.